“वयं राष्ट्रे जागृयाम पुरोहिताः”
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narayan nagbali

According to the Garuda Purana, Narayan Nagbali Puja are two different rituals performed for two various reasons. Narayan Bali Puja is performed mainly to set free the ancestors' unsatisfied souls, while Nagbali Puja is performed to eliminate the sin of killing cobra or snake. Both the rituals of Narayan Nagbali and Narayan Bali are performed only at Trimkeshwar near Nashik, Maharashtra.

As Trimbakeshwar, Shivlinga represents three faces signifies Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, which makes this place more special in rituals.

There are two types of Narayan Nagbali Pooja (rituals): Narayan Bali Pooja and Nagbali Pooja. Both the Pooja is performed for two different reasons.

Narayan Bali Puja and Nagbali Puja are described in detail as below:


In case any person suffers from depraved death, then the spirit of that person enters into a ghost life till the determined life of an individual gets ends, and after that, it goes towards the here after. The name of ritual performed for the Moksha of displease soul and to progress birth-death cycle and get salvation to our dead, unsatisfied ancestors soul is "NARAYAN BALI."

Narayan is known as the Representative name of displeased souls. When performing Narayan Bali, "name" and "Gotras" of the ancestors cannot be uttered by Ritual performer. after that, the displeased soul gets the freedom to obtain salvation from the ghost as Patrilineal life.

After salvation to displeased soul, a person will get familiar pleasure, financial earning, get descendants for family events like marriage and other types of pleasures, health, education, peace of mind and long life. So, the Narayan Bali puja ritual is an effective way to get freedom from all kinds of problems and live a joyful and healthy life.


nagbali puja

NAGBALI is a ritual performed to exonerate from snake blame. Snake Blame is identified by various problems such as getting progeny and suffering from health issues like phlegm, bile, wind, three bodily senses of humor, fever, itching, and abdominal disease.

As stated earlier, there is a total of eighty-four lacks of life and four significant manhood in human being life. Cobra life is one of birth out of eighty-four lacks birth. Snake life and human life are closely related to each other, and a similar relationship can be observed broadly in Mahabharata. Lord Bramhdeva created seven ascetics, Kashyap, the son of marichi, had two wives, one named kadru, who gave birth to a snake while the other was called Vinita and gave birth to the eagle. So, from this observed that human being and snake origin are similar scriptural.

एतैत सर्पाः शिकंठ्भूषा लोकोपकाराय भुवं वहन्तः
भूतै समेता मणिभूषितांगाः गृण्हित पूजां परमां नमो वः।
कल्याणरुपं फणिराजमग्य्रं नानाफणा मंडलराजमानम
भक्त्यैकगम्यं जनताशरण्यं यजाम्यहं नः स्वकुला भिवृध्यै॥

According to yoga, body objectives are archived by awakening "Kundalini" (exists in the human body). In a religious scripture by the great sage "Shri. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj.," a similar subject in detail is considered. "Kundalini" exists in the wheel, named Muladhara, at the starting point of the human body's spine. By originating Kundalini, man can get theological knowledge. It means it is a theory that life and soul get united, and human being achieves humanness by the similar "Kundalini" knowledge for the same Kundalini is favorable for human scientific fulfillment. In theology, Kundalini is expressed as a "snake," so the state of Kundalini and snake are not that different.

If anyone knowingly or unknowingly caused a snake or cobra's death in his previous life or past life, then snake blame is created. If anyone knowingly or unknowingly caused a snake or cobra's death in his earlier life or past life, then snake blame is made.

Narayan Nagbali Pooja Vidhi (Procedure)

Nagbali Puja

It takes three days to performed Narayan Nagbali Poja.

On the first day, take a holy dip in the kushavarta Kund and wear new clothes. Dhoti for men and saree for women. After a holy bath, we are ready to perform Narayan Nagbali.

Firstly Pradhan Sankalpa is taken. After Sakalpa, We have to make two idols of God Shrivishnu and God Vaivasvat Yama in two pots. There worship to be done in sixteen different steps. With Honey, ghee, and sesame seeds, offer ten pindas for the darbhas. We must have sandalwood paste for this Pooja. Absorb all these pindas in the river or any water bodies.

Day second also starts with taking a holy dip in the kushavarta Kund and wear the new clothes. Devotee visit to the Shamshan to perform Sapindh Shaardha. Next is the worship of the Idol of Snake placed on the wheat flour, which has all eight doshas.

On the third day, Lord Ganesha's Worship is performed named "Swastipunyahwachan" to dedicate inauspiciousness. This Ganesh pujan indicates that all negative energies or doshas are burnt in the previous puja, which we performed on the first and second day. Lastly, we worshipped a small golden deity of the snake. The golden idol of cobra is worshipped and donate to priests. Ultimately Coronation worship is offered to Lord Trimbakeshwar at Trimbakeshwar Temple, and the priest blesses the ritual performer and his whole family to be happy. This is how Narayan Nagbali puja vidhi gets completed with the blessings of the Lord Trimbakeshwar.

Important: The duration of Pooja is 2-3 hours; however, the person should reach Trimbakeshwar one day before that of Pooja.

Narayan Nagbali Pooja Benefits

As per Hinduism, For performing PITRUSEVA having more importance than the other seva. Anyone can get their ancestors' blessings if an individual has done this NARAYAN BALI PUJA to liberate their ancestral soul.

Narayan Nagbali pooja benefits are described as below:

  • To seek good health.
  • To get rid of ancestral curses.
  • This Narayan nag Bali puja ritual helps in completing an individual's wishes in business as well as career.
  • Narayan Nagbali puja is especially suggested for those couples facing complications in having offspring.
  • To get rid of bad dreams of the snake.
  • Elimination of issues which are created by the dead ancestor's soul who attained untimely death.
  • Those who do these Nagbali rituals get free from the sin of killing snakes or cobra.

Narayan Nagbali Puja Cost at Trimbakeshwar

The cost of the Pooja will depend on the puja Samagri used by Guruji. Once the puja vidhi is completed, it purely depends on the devotee what Dakshina he gives or depends upon the conditions.

For more details, you can directly click on Panditji in Trimbakehswar who are authorised to perform the pujas and guide you as per Vedic culture. or You can directly Book Panditji for Narayan Nagbali Puja

Trimbakeshwar is famous for Pujas like Narayan Nagbali Puja, Kaal Sarp Dosh nivaran Puja, Kumbh Vivah, Mahamrityunjay Mantra Jaap, Rudrabhishek, Tripindi Shradh, etc. 



To liberate the soul of a family member who attained an unnatural death, this Narayan Bali puja is performed, and to absolve the sin of killing the snake, Nagbali puja is performed.
Narayan Nagbali puja is performed only at Trimbakeshwar and on auspicious time and date (MUHURTA) like Amavasya, Dwadashi, Poornima suggested by purohits.
Yes, Narayan Bali puja and Nagbali puja are two various rituals performed to set free the soul of a family member who attained untimely death and to get rid of the sin of killing a snake, respectively.
Benefits like to clear away the issues created by dead departed relatives who have attained untimely death, to get relief from dreams proposing curse and black magic are obtained.
This is the traditional worship written in Purana with the traditional attire of Dhoti for men and saree (other than black color) for females.
As per the Hindu ancient scripture Dharma Sindhu, Trimbakeshwar is the only Jyotirlinga (out of twelve), which is in the form of three-faced signifies, i.e., Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and lord shiva, which provides more purity to this place.
Narayan Nagbali puja is three days ritual in which Deities are invoked, worshiped, and offered sacred items suggested as per Purohits
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