“वयं राष्ट्रे जागृयाम पुरोहिताः”
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Trimbakeshwar Temple in Trimbak town is dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated near Nasik (Maharashtra). There are many Pandit's and Brahmins who served various Puja at Trimbakeshwar. Only Purohits who have legal rights given by Shree.Nanasaheb Peshwa will enter the Trimbakeshwar Temple to perform puja.

The Purohits who have Tamrapatra (ancient copper inscripture) are only allowed to perform various Pooja in the temple premises. They are part of Sanstha called "Purohit Sangh". Working in Trimbakeshwar town for the last 1200 years and performing all kinds of religious rituals, and they are Upadhyay of Shree Trimbakeshwar.

For 1200 years, this organization, "Purohit Sangh," helping devotees and providing them best facility. In olden times, the forefathers of these Purohits worked for Sanstha when the name and form of Sanstha were different. Even though, as per time and need, the form of Sanstha has changed, they still believe in serving the best possible facilities to all the admirers who visited Trimbakeshwar.


Trimbakeshwar Devasthan Trust has started a new facility of “TRIMBAKESHWAR JYOTIRLINGA LIVE DARSHAN” . All the Pandit Ji (you are watching in the video) who perform Puja’s in the temple are the authorized tamrpatradhari purohits of Trimbakeshwar. This vital step of live streaming is taken for all the devotees and admirers who are not able to come to Trimbakeshwar to seek Lord Shiva’s blessing this year for “The great night of shiva –MAHASHIVRATRI” due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Click on live link to see the Live Darshan: Trimbakehswar Temple Live Darshan


Welcome to the Trimbakeshwar Temple official website of Purohit Sangh. It is an official committee of approximately 300 authorized Guruji. They are registered and certified Pandit of Trimbakeshwar Temple with registration number Y203-215. They are also members of the Trimbakeshwar Temple trust. These are local Pandit of Trimbak town. Purohit Sangh Pandit are also called Tamrapatradhari Guruji as they have legal Birthright to perform Puja's at Trimbakeshwar Temple. With the help of the Trimbakeshwar Temple official website of Purohit Sangh, you can book Pandit/Puja Online. Just in one click, you will get all the information about Guruji, who performs puja in the Trimbakeshwar Temple.


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Below is the list of authorized and official Trimbakeshwar Guruji (who are TAMRAPATRADHARI PUROHITS). Only these Trimbakeshwar Guruji have a legacy and birthright given by the Shrimant Nanasaheb Peshwa to perform various pujas such as Narayan Nagbali Puja, Kaal Sarpa Pooja, Mahamrityunjay Mantra Jaap, Kumbh Vivah, Rudra Abhisheka, Tripindi Shradha and other Pooja in the nearby premises of Trimbakeshwar Temple (particular locations for each pujas mentioned above). You can contact our Trimbakeshwar Guruji or Purohits by clicking on the below tabs to conduct puja at Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Temple.


The sacred city of Trimbak is home to Lord Trimbakeshwar and people came here for Mahakumbh every 12 years from across the globe. Trimbakeshwar is considered one of the best-sacred places, and also it’s a part of 12 Jyotirlinga. Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga is a combination of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, that why it gets supreme over others.

Here are Some of Pooja’s are described for you. By clicking on the name of puja, you will get detailed information regarding rituals performed at Trimbakeshwar Mandir, Nashik.

Pooja like Narayan Nagbali Puja, Nagbali Puja, Kaal Sarpa Pooja, Kumbh Vivah, Mahamrityunjay Mantra Jaap maal Vidhi, Rudra Abhishek, etc. According to the ancient religious scripture, worshiping Lord Trimbakeshwar and Serving puja at Trimbakeshwar Temple is more important than performing at any other place or outside the Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Temple.

Authentic and authorized purohits can perform all the puja; Brahmins working in “purohit sangh” Sanstha Trimbakeshwar and provides various facilities to all the devotees. Puja can be performed at the auspicious date and time (Muhurta) by our Purohits. Only Purohits can be entered in the Trimbakeshwar Temple as have legacy given by the shree.Nanasaheb Peshwa to perform Pooja in the Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nasik.

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The logo of “Purohit Sangh”, as illustrated above, also has a religious thought, sage (saint), who is reading the “Religious Book - Veda.” In the Logo of “Purohit Sangh,” Orange and yellow colors show spirituality and purity as believed in Hindu tradition. A tagline of “वयं राष्ट्रे जागृयाम पुरोहिताः” is used in the logo, which portrays “Purohits will keep the priestly (Amatya) nation alive. The word “Purohits” means the person who wants to do a beneficial act for devotees. In ancient times, such persons were calle the “Priests” or “Purohits". Priests are considered for the growth of national dignity, pride, and prosperity. Purohits can be able to think and seek, so they are considered for giving proper advice. For awakening and protecting this nation, priests are important as they have awakened a sense of right and wrong.

Sanstha purohit Sangh's authentic logo is given as above, so while performing for puja, make sure that you reach up to authorized pandits only and not the fraud one. Some of the deceit or duplicate logo used by many fraud organization are also illustrated here, so do not become a fool and get done your puja by only official PUROHITS of Purohit Sangh Sanstha, Trimbakeshwar.

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